At Taylor Law we understand that having a will made can make some people feel uncomfortable, but we also understand the value of having an experienced lawyer assist you so that your wishes can be met. Creating a will is the foundation for ensuring that your possessions are dispersed as you see fit. Without a will, the state of North Carolina will distribute your estates based on the state's rules, which often are not based on what you know to be bestIf you own property, have children, are married, recently divorced, or wish to give a gift to another person or organization you will need to ensure that you have a written documentation explaining your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should get a will?

Every adult should considering having a will made, if you do not have a will the state of North Carolina will choose to give your possessions based on state rules.

How often should I update my will?

Wills should be updated every time you have a life changing event (birth, marriage, divorce, death) and if there has not been any life changing events it should be reviewed annually.