Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions


What is a bankruptcy?

A Bankruptcy is a legal process by which a person is no longer able to meet their financial obligations discharge most of their debts. This can be achieved through having assets liquidated, debts discharged, or by making a more affordable payment plan.

What are the benefits of filling a bankruptcy?

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Different bankruptcy chapters provide you with varying benefits, but the list below is some of the benefits all of the chapters provide you with and more:

  • Free you of some of your owned debt
  • Stop creditors from repossessing your vehicle and other property
  • Delay or prevent the foreclosure of your home
  • Protect you from creditors and collectors
  • Provide you with a new beginning with your credit.

Who can file a bankruptcy?

Everyone has the option to file bankruptcy, the type of Bankruptcy you file is based on your individual needs. When you come in to schedule a consultation we will assist you in finding the best bankruptcy chapter to meet your needs.

How often can I file a bankruptcy?

The time for when a bankruptcy can be filed varies depending on the bankruptcy chapter. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy need to wait six years from the last time you filed and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has no time restraint and you can file it at any time.

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